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It's so easy to sell your items with us! 

Consign It! is an innovative marketplace for anyone to sell just about anything. We are not a pawn or resale shop. We do not buy any merchandise; instead, we will display your item(s) in our high traffic showroom and when it sells, we'll keep a commission and pay you the rest of the proceeds!

     Consign It! is the easiest and smartest consignment choice in the area. Our store gives you the ability to sell your new and like-new items without any hassle, haggling, or inconvenience. Our experience and high traffic locations will give you the most exposure to get the best price for your items. Just bring in your small items or photos of larger items, and we can let you know if it's something we will sell for you. Our staff will handle all the pricing, displaying, and selling of your item; all you have to do is pick up your cash! There is never a charge if we cannot sell your item. You can change your mind at any time - just stop in and pick up any unsold items and no fee will be charged.

     Consign It! is a great way to turn your no-longer-needed things into cash; however, not everything can be spun into gold. In order to keep our customers coming back, we filter our inventory to meet the demands of our customers. We will be happy to take lightly-used, clean and useful items, unique and one-of-a-kind items, and things of interest or collectibility.

We do not want and will not take anything broken, dirty, missing parts, stained, or items with odors (smoke, pet, or musty). We do understand not everything is going to be like-new; some scratches and slight wear is okay. Furniture must have functioning drawers, be sturdy, clean, free from defects, stickers, water damage, and not wobbly or in need of repair.

We do not accept any type of clothing.

* A free IN HOME consultation is available, contact us for more info. *

Below are guidelines and examples

of the things we can sell for you.

Furniture: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!! PLEASE EMAIL OR BRING PHOTOS FIRST! Due to the size, we may not have room on our floor for your larger items. Before bringing your furniture to the store, we'd like to see a photo so we can discuss the condition, price expected, and other details of the item to consider it for consignment. Bringing a cushion or a drawer from your item can also be helpful. After we have seen pictures, we will set up an appointment for the furniture to be brought in.


Electronics: (East Town location only) These items must be clean and in working order. If an item requires a battery, charger, or unique component/cable, it must be included with it. We will accept flat panel TVs, but are no longer interested in large tube or projection TVs. Smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, video game consoles, guitars, audio/video equipment, iPods and iPads, digital cameras, GPS devices, etc., are all great items to sell with us.

Home Décor: Also known as "smalls," these items are good sellers. Again, they must be clean and not broken or repaired. We will not accept items that have been glued back together. Knick knacks, mirrors, lamps, clocks, artwork, vases, and picture frames are good items. Although there is no specific style we are looking for, we have found that clear glass, brass, pastel colors, floral arrangements, and any type of window treatments do not sell well and won't be accepted. In addition, we require lamps to have shades and bulbs and be in working order. Artwork should be limited to nicer pieces behind glass or on canvas without any damage.

Holiday/Seasonal Items: We love seasonal items! This includes Christmas, Halloween, Easter, winter, fall, spring, summer and garden décor. These items we begin accepting 60 days prior to the event/season. They are priced/reduced differently than other items, so please refer to our consignment agreement for details.

Major Appliances: (East Town location only) Although most of our appliances are sold by a dealer, we will accept newer (typically 8 years old or less) units from individual consignors. These items will be accepted by appointment only.

Collectibles: We enjoy selling collectibles of all types! This includes figurines, breweriana and barware, pop culture items such as TV, music and movie memorabilia, Packers and other sports memorabilia, and vintage toys. Autographed items must have a certificate of authenticity. We do not accept collectible dolls, stamps, coins, or sports cards.

Household: Any household item that is clean, useful, and complete will be considered for consignment. This includes small appliances, cookware, dish sets, bakeware, etc. We will not accept individual, oddball or incomplete dishes, glassware, flatware etc. Formal china will only be accepted as a complete, even-numbered set (i.e. 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 place settings) without any missing pieces, chips, etc. Linens and bedding will only be accepted if they are new or in their original package.

CDs, Books, Video Games, and Movies (Media): (East Town location only) These items are accepted with specific terms, rates, and procedure; see our consignment agreement for more information. 

To view our full consignment agreement,

refer to the bottom of our "Frequently Asked" page.