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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the concept of our store may be new to many of you and other consignment stores may operate differently, so we have compiled a list of some common questions. A link to a full copy of our consignment agreement can be found at the bottom of this page.

"Do I just bring my items in? How do I know what you will take?"

Smaller items may be brought in to our East Town Mall location on any week day without appointment. However, we do limit intake to about 12 items per person per day. Larger items are only accepted by appointment. Please call for an appointment at 920-593-8509.

The Bay Park Square Mall location will only accept items by appointment at this time. Please call the store to talk to us about what you would like to consign at 920-634-2610.

To consign larger pieces like furniture please email photos to:

Bay Park Mall Location: [email protected]

East Town Mall Location: [email protected]

Please include item description, name brand if known, condition, requested selling price, and when the item(s) are available for consignment.

Pick up service may be available. Please ask us if you would like a referral for a pick up service quote.

When dropping off your items, please be sure they are clean and ready for immediate sale. East Town customers may park curbside in front of the store for unloading. Bay Park customers please see below diagram for easy back door drop off loading area. 

"Do you buy clothing or other items?"

As a consignment store, we do not BUY any items. We will display your item in our store and when it sells, we will then take a commission of the amount it sold for. You will receive the rest of the profit. This differs from pawn or resale shops, which buy your item outright. With consignment, since we don't invest our own money to purchase your item and therefore don't rely on a price markup, you are usually able to make more of a profit. In addition, we do not deal in pre-owned clothing or apparel, even if it's never been worn.

"How much do you charge/what is your commission?"

Consign It! will sell your items for you and split the proceeds 50/50 at both Bay Park Square and East Town Mall. High volume Gold Member sellers keep 60% of the selling price; see store for info on how to become a Gold Member.

"When do I get my money?"

We process our sales on a monthly basis. Please allow two weeks after the end of the month for preparation and auditing. Example: items sold any day in July are processed and ready for payment on or after August 15th. Each store has separate accounting, and payments are made from the store in which your items sell. Sorry, we can't combine payments from both stores into one check.

"Do you send me a check after my items sell?"

We do not mail checks. We ask that you stop in the store to collect payment. Often we will pay you in cash, but larger payouts will be in the form of a check. For clients who move out of town, arrangements can be made to mail one payment for all items at once. Feel free to call and check the status of your items before coming into the store. Please have your consignment number ready whether you call or visit the store.

"What if my item doesn't sell?"

Most items do indeed sell, but sometimes the asking price is too high, the condition is poor, or it's out of season. We have regularly scheduled markdowns and a donation procedure. You can pick up your unsold items at any time and no fee is charged. Please see our consignment agreement below for details.

Still have a question? Give us a call during business hours

and we will be happy to help you!

Click the link below to view or print our

consignment agreement. Thank You.